CTR2-Mini is a great little radio controller. It allows you to control radios from many manufacturers and easily share the Mini’s keyer, paddles, and PTT controls with your radios.

What the basic system doesn’t do is route Tx and Rx audio so you can’t share your microphone, headset, or PC sound card with your radios. To do this, you’ll need to add a CTR2-Mini Audio Controller to your Mini system. The Audio Controller takes the Radio I/O signals from the Mini and adds transformer isolated Line-In and Line-Out audio to the CAT5 cable used to connect to the radio interface module. To use the Audio Controller, the Radio I/O modules must be replaced with the new Audio I/O modules. These modules have a third 3.5mm (1/8″) jack on them for Line-In (from the speaker of Line-Out of the receiver) and Line-Out (to the Line-In or Mic input to the transmitter). The system above is show below with the additional audio hardware.

The operation of the audio controller is documented in the CTR2-Mini Audio Controller manual. The controller and the Audio I/O modules are available as fully assembled unit or you can built them yourself using the economical PCB kits I offer on the Order page. The manual has the schematic, bill-of-material lists, and construction details if you want to see what it takes to build one.