The Bill-of-Material (BOM) for each board in CTR2-Mini can be found below. Links are provided for You can use the part #s to find these parts at other part suppliers. Click the Download button to download the file.

Mouser BOMs

I have created automated BOMs on to help you order the parts needed to build a CTR2-Mini. You can also order completely assembled and tested Mini’s from the order page.

You can build the Mini on a perf-board if you really want to. The BOMs don’t provide part #s for the through-hole versions of the SMT parts if you choose to go this route. I can supply PCBs for all the required boards with SMT parts pre-installed at a very reasonable cost (and way cheaper than buying the through-hole parts). I can also supply an enclosure kit if you want to package your Mini as shown on this site. It includes the custom acrylic stand, machined Hammond enclosures for the encoder/speaker and and one Radio I/O module, mounting hardware, and a knob for the encoder. Of course you can build your own enclosures instead.

Click the links below to access each BOM.

Mouser: CTR2-Mini Controller v1: This BOM includes the required through-hole parts to build the Main board, GPIO Interface board, and Encoder/Speaker board. It also includes the Wio Terminal in case you haven’t already purchased a Wio Terminal for this project. I found the small speaker on Mouser and added it to the BOM so you don’t need to order it separately from Adafruit.

Mouser: CTR2-Mini Radio I/O_v1: This BOM includes the through-hole parts required to build one Radio I/O module. Order the PCB and machined enclosure here.

Optional Items:

Mouser: CTR2-Mini_Encoder+Radio_Enclosures_v1: If you don’t order the enclosure kit from me, use this BOM to order two Hammond 1551HBK enclosures. One is for the Encoder and one is for the Radio I/O board. You will need to drill and cut the required openings.

Mouser: CTR2-Mini_Optional_Relays_v1: This BOM includes the flyback diodes and reed relays to convert your Mini to use dry-contacts on the Key and PTT circuits. This is only required if your rig cannot be keyed by a solid-state device (i.e. keying voltage is >+50 volts DC or negative).

Interactive BOMs

Kicad produces a very nice interactive BOM that is very handy when assembling the PCB. Just open the desired file in a browser and point to each component to highlight it on the board. All four boards are zipped into the file below.

Schematic Diagrams

Schematic diagrams for each board in CTR2-Mini can be found below. Click the Download button to download the file.