November 21, 2022: I’ve posted v1.09 of the Operation Manual. This version includes the latest updates to CTR2-Mini firmware up to v1.10.04, including the new Antenna, Bandwidth, and RF Gain menu options for the Flex radio. Updated sections are highlighted in yellow.

Originally I intended to use this blog and my YouTube channel, Lynovation, to document the features and operation of CTR2-Mini. While this is Ok, I realize that there is a need to have one place where I can document everything about the Mini in an orderly fashion.

So I have created an Operations Manual. This manual gives you a basic overview of the Mini’s hardware and displays. It shows you how to connect it to your station and includes the Radio I/O wiring diagrams and Function Button keypad schematics in the appendixes. Most importantly, it covers every option on every menu and gives you a brief description of their use.

The Table of Contents is linked to each of the topics. Just find what your looking for in the Table of Contents and click the entry to go to that information in the manual. You can also press Ctrl+F to open your browser’s search feature and search the entire manual for specific words.

This is a work in progress. As I revise or update sections I will highlight those sections in yellow. That way you can easily find new information. You can browse the document here or download it for a better viewing experience. I’ll post updates to this page as I finalize the document.

If you have any suggestions, or something raises more questions that it answers, let me know. You can use the Contact Me page here or email me directly. My email address is current on

Thanks for your support of the CTR2-Mini project!

73, Lynn, KU7Q