I’ve setup an online demo of CTR2 running on a Raspberry Pi 3 if you’re interested in trying out some of the features.

The demo only has one radio connected to it, my PCR-1000 receiver on R1. The lead photo shows the Pi and HMI on the left and the Node-RED page running in the Pi’s browser. I though this would be a good way for people to play with the system to see what it’s capable of. The antenna is connected directly to the PCR1000 but you can play with the antenna switch to see how that works (click the violet [A:1] button on the left). All the other functions work including the log. I’ll leave the system set up to monitor 20 meter beacons with the Log and AutoLog panels turned on as shown. In this mode CTR2 decodes the CW ID of the beacon and adds it (with a timestamp) to the AutoLog panel on the far right. You can set it up anyway you want. I’ll try to reset it as shown when I see someone has used it.

Feel free to explore the various features of the CTR2 system. The Node-RED pages more or less follow the pages on the Nextion displays described in the User Interface section of this blog.

NOTE: Since Node-RED is a single user interface it doesn’t handle multiple logins very gracefully. If one user is logged in and another user tries to login at the same time, Node-RED logs the first user out, then sends the login popup to both users, alternating between each one (sort of like a busy signal). If you try to login and the login page just flashes on and off, somebody else is using the system. Be nice and disconnect until the other user finishes. Neither user can connect while two users are trying to log in. Hence the reason there is a 30 minute login timeout 🙂

As mentioned, the demo requires a user name and password to login. If you’re interested in trying it, contact me and I’ll set up your user name and password, and give you the IP address so you can access it. Don’t worry about breaking it. Also, since it’s the PCR1000 receiver there’s no Tx.

If you want to listen to the audio you can install SonoBus on your PC or smartphone (the Node-RED page runs fine on either). I’ll send the login information for the SonoBus group with your login credentials.

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