To access the Configuration page touch the Settings button on the Home page bottom menu. This will open the Settings page for the selected mode.

Home Page

Since CW is the current operating mode, the CW Settings page opens.

CW Settings Page

Next, touch the Config button on the bottom menu to open the Config page. (This button is present on every settings page.)

Configuration Page

This page allows you to set the WiFi IP parameters, deleted the local log file, check firmware version dates, turn on the screen saver (Zzz Off), enter your call into the HMI (Set Call), monitor USB audio (USB Mon), enable/disable FFT Averaging, enable/disable frequency/mode Announcements, and view our all important Disclaimer.

NOTE: The HMI firmware consists of firmware running on the Teensy 4.1 processor (Code ver) and firmware running on the Nextion display (Disp ver). The dates each of these firmwares were updated are shown on this page and generally should match.

You can also set system Levels, Set the Clock, and enable/disable WiFi here.

Touching the Levels button opens the Levels page:

Levels Page

Normally, the level controls in CTR2 have sufficient range to match most radios. However, if you need to add more gain or add attenuation (negative gain), you can do it on the Levels page. Here you can adjust the levels throughout the CTR2 system to compensate for various components in your station. For instance, your radio might not provide a high enough level on its Line Out (into the HMI Line In). You can add addition gain to Line In here to overcome the low level. Or perhaps the HMI‘s Line Out level is too high for the Line In or Mic port on your radio. You can add attenuation here by setting a negative gain on the Line Out port.

Touch an amp to edit its level. The FFT Amp level setting is shown in this example.

NOTE: The FFT graphic on this page is static – it does not change as you adjust the FFT Amp level.

Touch the Bypass button to remove your setting. This sets to amp for unity gain, represented by an equals sign (=) in the amp’s graphic.

Levels set on this page are specific for the selected radio.

NOTE: Visit the Teensy Audio Design post for a thorough discussion of the audio section.

Touch the <– button to return to the Home page.