The CTR2 HMI maintains a separate list of 100 favorite frequencies for each radio. In addition, there is a common list that all radios share if the Share DB option is enabled on the Radio page.

Home Page

To access your favorite list, touch the M>V (Memory to VFO) button on the Home page. This button is next to keypad button that allows direct frequency entry.

Frequency Memory Page

The Frequency Memory page lists your favorite frequencies and their radio and operation modes. Use the scroll bar at the right to scroll the list.

When the Select button is highlighted simply touch the frequency of interest to send it and it’s associated modes to the radio and HMI.

Touch the Edit button to highlight it then touch the entry you wish to edit.

Frequency Memory Add/Edit Page

Once you have made your changes touch the Save button to save the entry and return to the Frequency Memory list.

There are two ways to add a frequency to this list.

  1. Enable Edit mode in the Frequency Memory page the touch a vacant entry.
  2. From the Home page, touch the V>M button to the left of the keypad button. The current frequency and modes will be sent to the Entry Edit page above and the Record # will be set to the next vacant frequency slot.