CTR2 supports the Flex 6000 Signature Series radios. Line In, Line Out, Key, and PTT signals are available on the rear panel of the radio so it’s easy to connect the Radio I/O module using the wiring diagram in the HW: Wiring Diagrams post. However, since the Flex CAT interface uses an IP based API instead of a normal serial port, WiFi must be used if you want to control the frequency and mode of the radio.

When you select the Flex radio CAT control on the Band page, a Setup button appears next to it. Touch this button to open the Flex Options page. You can also touch the Radio Options button in the bottom left corner of the Home page to access this page.

Band Select Page

The first thing you’ll need to do is enter the Radio IP Address. The radio’s IP address can be found in SmartSDR under Settings->Radio->Network.

Flex Radio Page – Before Connection

After you have entered the address select the Antenna port on the radio that you want to use. This must be done before connecting to the radio. If WiFi isn’t already enabled, touch the Enable WiFi button to start a WiFi session on your local network. Once the WiFi link has been established the HMI will return to the Flex Options page as shown below.

NOTE: You must set the WiFi properties for your network on the Config page before you can connect to your WiFi network.

When the page be;pw appears touch the Connect Slice A button to connect to the radio and open Slice A (CTR2 only uses Slice A).

Flex Radio Page – WiFi Connected

NOTE: SmartSDR does not need to be running to use CTR2 to control the Flex radio. This allows you to run your Flex like a POR (Plain Old Radio) 🙂

Once the radio is online the options below will appear. The Tx Enable button in the bottom left corner is described in this post. To return to the Home page touch the <— button in the top right corner.

Because of the way Flex manages the radio the Power Out and Tune Pwr values initially displayed on this page may be wrong. To get the correct values briefly key the radio or press the Antenna Tuner Tune button. Also, you need to key the radio to send a new Power Out setting to the radio.

Flex Radio Page – Connected to Radio

To close a Flex WiFi session, open the Flex Options page and touch either Close Slice A or Close WiFi. The first option closes Slice A on the radio then closes the WiFi session. The latter option just closes the WiFi session and leaves Slice A running. Use the this option if you have SmartSDR running and want to leave Slice A open.

While the Flex radio is connected to CTR2 the WiFi icon in the top right corner will display a Flex icon as shown below. Touching this icon or the Radio Options button will open the Flex Options page.

Home Page with Flex Radio Active