CTR2 supports the Icom PCR-1000 wideband receiver, mostly because I have one and wanted to use it with CTR2 🙂 . It should also control the older PCR-100 receiver but I don’t have one to test. CTR2 does not support the newer PCR-1500 receiver since it was USB based.

The PCR-1000 is controlled with a serial port like most radios but since it has no front panel to control it CTR2 provides those features.

Home Page

When you select the PCR-1000 radio on the Band Select page the Radio Options button on the Home page changes to reflect the PCR-1000‘s power state; PCR Off or PCR On. This button will be gray as shown above when the PCR-1000‘s physical power switch is turned off. The background turns to black when the radio’s physical power switch is on and it turns green when the radio has been turned on in software.

Touch the Radio Options (PCR Off) button to open the Radio Options page.

The Radio Options page includes additional options specifically for the PCR-1000. The frequency and mode of the radio are managed on the Home page just like any other radio. The Volume control on this page works in series with the volume control on the Home page. The Squelch control on this page works when the radio is in FM mode.

In the screenshot below the background of the PCR Enable button in the bottom left corner is black indicating that the radio’s power switch is on.

PCR-1000 Options Page with Radio Turned Off

With the radio’s physical power switch on, touch the PCR Enable button to turn the PCR-1000 on in software. The button’s background turns green and PCR On is displayed. Once the radio is on you can adjust the various parameters. If your radio has the DSP board installed the DSP button will be visible. Touch it to use the DSP features.

PCR-1000 Option Page with Radio Turned On

NOTE: Touching the Bandwidth button will step through the available bandwidth settings on the radio based on the selected mode.

To return to the Home page touch the <– button.