Home Page

CTR2 provides basic logging functions. The buttons across the third row allow you to enter log data during a QSO.

The Auto>button is a feature unique to CTR2. It opens the Select Items to Log page. This page lists any entry in the Rx buffer (last 500 characters from the decoder) that looks like a call sign or RST report. To add a call sign or RST report simply touch the call and RST sent and/or received buttons then click <– to return to the Home page. Touch Cancel to return without selecting any items.

Auto Log Page

To go straight to the Save Log page just click the Save button at the far right of the third line. Fill in the log entries and touch Save.

Te HMI supports contest counters and contest exchanges too. Touch the Normal Log button to toggle it to Contest Log and the contest counter will automatically increment after each entry is saved.

Save Log Entry Page

To view a summary of the log entries on the micro SD card, touch Log on the Home page.

View Log Page

The first line in this summary shows the column format for the text below. Use the scroll bar on the right to scroll through the entries.

Log files can be downloaded via the built-in web server. Just enable WiFi on the Config page then navigate your PC’s browser to the IP address of CTR2.

Web Server Page

Once this page is visible, click Download Log to save the log file in ADIF format to your PC’s Download folder.

An alternate method of downloading the log is to connect a Telnet terminal to the virtual serial port of the Teensy 4.1 board. Set the baud rate to 115200. Once connected press Enter twice to bring up the menu below.

Terminal Session on Tera Term

The menu provides directions for using the terminal.

Press Tab to list the log file. Once the log has been listed copy and paste the text of the file to text file with a .ADI extension.

There are instructions for using the terminal as a keyboard for CW and RTTY. This eliminates the need for a separate USB keyboard or mouse to control CTR2’s keyers, however third-party app can’t control the HMI once the terminal connects.

Once you have imported the downloaded file into your logging program you can delete it from CTR2’s micro SD card by clicking Delete Log button in the Config page.