On the Home page, the violet (or red) button (R1:A2) on the far left of the third line is the Radio:Antenna select button. (R1 means Radio #1 is selected and A2 means Antenna #2 is selected.)

Home Page

Touch the left side of the button (R1) to open the Radio page and the right side of the button (A2) to open the Antenna Select page.

On the Radio page you can select one of 16 radios by touching the button below each label. The #1 radio (Xiegu G90) is selected in the screen shot below. Touch the label to edit the radio name. You can access the Antenna Select page by touching the Set Ant button. Copy allows you to copy the selected radio profile to another slot. Erase allows you to erase the selected radio’s profile.

Radio Select Page

Selecting Share DB allows the selected radio to use and modify the common favorite frequency list, transmit buffers, and band stacking registers instead of it’s own. Radio’s using the shared database are shown in red font on this page and the background color of the Radio:Antenna button on the Home page changes from violet to red.

<– takes you back to the Home page.

NOTE: If you have the RJ45 Switch and/or the Radio Antenna Switch Controller (RASC) boards installed and the RASC is connected to a remote radio antenna switch as shown in the system drawing below, selecting a radio on this page automatically selects the correct Radio I/O module and routes the common antenna port of your Radio Antenna Switch to the selected radio’s antenna port.

As mentioned above, touching the right side of the Radio:Antenna button on the Home page opens the Antenna Select page. This page controls the operation of the optional Antenna Switch Controller (ASC) that controls the 8-port Antenna Switch in the drawing above. You can also use the Set Ant buttons on the Radio and Band pages to navigate to this page.

Antenna Select Page

Touching the Enabled/Disabled button in the top left corner toggles the antenna selection. When Disabled, all antennas are open (or shorted to ground if your switch is wired that way). When Enabled the selected antenna (or antennas) will be routed to the common antenna port of the switch. I visit this page and Disable my antennas before shutting my station down each day.

The Antenna Mode button determines if you can select only one or multiple antennas. Normally you would select just one but if you are using phased arrays you may want several enabled. To do this, touch the Antenna Mode switch to switch to Multiple mode. In this mode you can select any combination of antennas you desire.

To select an antenna touch the antenna #. In the screen shot above, antenna #2 is active. When you change the configuration a Save button will appear next to the Select Band button. Touch this button to save the new configuration and execute the change on your antenna switch. The white line will graphically show your antenna configuration.

Touching the Select Band button takes you to the Band page where you can select a band for the current antenna configuration. Once set the antenna switch will automatically select this antenna combination any time the radio is tuned to that band.

Touching the Radio button takes you back to the Radio page where you can select another radio.

Touching the Reset All button deletes all antenna configurations (including band settings) and disables your antenna switch.

To edit the name of an antenna simply touch the name button for that antenna.

To return to the Home page, touch the <– button.