The rotary encoder on the remote display is a multi-function interface. It’s main function is to tune the radio’s frequency using the selected step frequency. In the photo above, the kHz digit is highlighted so turning the encoder will change the radio’s frequency 1 kHz for each step of the encoder. The encoder I use has 24 steps per revolution. It’s available with and without detents for those that like smoother tuning. You can substitute your own encoder as long as it is a 2-phase (has A and B outputs) and has a N/O push switch on the shaft.

The switch on the encoder allows you to select multiple controls to change. For each push of the switch a new control is selected. Once selected simply turn the encoder to change the value of that control. When a control is selected the Freq button turns red and the selected control’s name will be displayed on this button.

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In the screen shot above, the encoder switch was used to select the Volume control. Note that there is a red bar on the VOL slider indicating that is the selected control. Turning the encoder will now adjust the volume level. You can also touch the Freq button to step through each control on the page.

The encoder select function times out after about 5 seconds and returns to frequency mode.