CTR2 utilizes a transmit interlock that blocks the Key and PTT outputs until you specifically authorize it.

This is done on the Radio Options page. To access this page, touch the Radio Options button in the bottom left corner of the Home page.

When the transmitter is disabled this button appears as shown above with Tx Off text. While disabled you can use the CW keyer to practice code or use any mode without fear of keying your transmitter.

Touching the Radio Options button opens the Radio Options page where options for the selected radio are displayed. Clicking the Tx Enable button enables transmission permission and returns you to the Home page. The Radio Options button text changes to Tx Enab and the background color turns green indicating that transmissions are permitted.

The Radio Options button turns red and displays TX when the transmitter is keyed as shown in the next photo.

Transmit audio or CW sidetone will be shown on the FFT graph during transmit and the CW or RTTY decoders will decode the transmit traffic and display it in the Receive Buffer window (second line from the top).

To disable transmit permission touch the Radio Options button again to return to the Radio Options page then touch the Tx Enable button.