If you own a Shapeoko 3 CNC mill you can cut your own remote display enclosure using the files in this post.

The source file opens in Carbide Create, a free 2D editor for the Shapeoko 3 CNC mill. Even if you don’t own a Shapeoko 3, you can still download Carbide Create and use it to get the dimensions for your mill.

You can create a 3D printed enclosure using the dimensions in theses files. If you create one and want to share your work, send me a copy of your file and I’ll post it here.

Here’s the process I use:

  1. Secure a 3/4″ waste board to the bed of your CNC
  2. Home the mill
  3. Install a 1/16″ single-flute bit in your mill
  4. Move the mill to the front left corner of the waste board
  5. Position the acrylic sheet on the bed with the 8″ or 12″ side on the X axis and the 10″ side on the Y axis
  6. Set the left front corner of the acrylic under the mill bit and tape it in place
  7. Zero X, Y, and Z. Set X and Y to the front left corner of the sheet and the Z axis so the bit just touches the sheet
  8. Run the 1-Mounting_Holes.nc gCode file to cut the mounting holes
  9. Secure acrylic to the waste board using 3/4″ flat head screws. Install a 1/4″ grommet on each screw to provide a cushion when tightening the screw. This will prevent cracking the acrylic. On the 3.5″ display, the two mouting screws secure the center cutout of the display bezel. There are a few more screws needed for the 5″ display.
  10. Leave the tape in place
  11. Replace the 1/16″ bit with a 1/4″ 90 degree VEE bit and zero the Z axis
  12. Run the 2-Vee-Label.nc and 3-Vee-Cuts.nc gCode files to cut the CTR2 label, display bezel, and the three mitered ends of the display panels.
  13. Replace the 1/4″ 90 degree VEE bit with the 1/16″ single-flute bit and zero it
  14. Run the 4-Holes.nc and 5-Panels.nc gCode files to cut the holes and the panels.
    Note: There are two panel files for the 5″ display. Cut them both.
  15. Remove the mounting screws and gently snap each piece out of the acrylic sheet.
  16. Prep the panels as described in the Construction: Display Enclosure post.