I’m selling my X6100 because I have waaayyy too many radios! I purchased it in March 2022 from HRO for $680. It’s in excellent condition and hardly used. It includes the original box, user manual, mic, USB-C cable, and a power supply).

I have a 32GB SD card installed in it with Armbian on it. By pressing and holding the first button on the left during boot up the radio boots into Armbian and runs the normal display. In the background you can connect the Mini to the radio over WiFi using the Hamlib NET rigctld protocol. If you press and hold the second button from the left during boot up the radio will boot into Linux without the radio display. Connect a keyboard and mouse to the USB Host port you can ‘theoretically’ run WSJT-X and many other Linux programs on the radio! I’ve never done it but others have. You can learn more about Armbian on the X6100 here: Armbian on the X6100

I have more information on Hamlib NET rigctld on this blog post. Look under the v1.03.04 update section.

I’m asking $550 and will pay shipping within the continental US. Please don’t ask to have it shipped out of the country. If you don’t want the Armbian SD card included I’ll knock $10 off the price.

I accept PayPal or certified checks.

You can contact me if you have any questions.

73, Lynn, KU7Q

Here’s a few more photos:

Label on the box
Firmware versions
Booting into Armbian (Linux)
Armbian running – ready to log in