As mentioned in other posts, I’m not supplying the full enclosure for the HMI stack that is featured in several photos in this blog. This decision was based on the the wide variety of ways you can stack the HMI and associated switch boards. However, I think it’s a good idea to have some protection for the top and bottom circuit boards so I’ve decided to offer the top and bottom plates I used in my stack as an enclosure option.

The plates come with the mounting holes drilled, rubber feet, CTR2 etched into the top plate, and four M3 25mm+6mm standoffs to allow the top plate to be mounted above the top board of the stack, as shown in the lead photo.

If you have the tools and some time it would be fairly easy to cut side panels to complete your enclosure.

This provides protection for the boards and gives you a nice 4″x4″ surface for to display your favorite key or coffee mug 🙂

I’ve added this option to the order form in this post.

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