As mentioned in previous posts, I can supply all of the printed circuit boards for this project. The HMI, Display Driver, and Auxiliary boards are fully assembled and tested. To complete the HMI you need to buy a Teensy 4.1, a Teensy Rev D Audio Adapter, and an ESP8266-01 boards. To complete the Remote Display you’ll need to supply a 3.5″ or 5″ Nextion Enhanced display and a rotary encoder. All other boards are provided with just the SMT devices pre-installed. You will need to purchase the through-hole components listed on the bill-of-material spreadsheet to complete these boards.

I can also supply just the HMI, Display Driver, and Auxiliary boards unpopulated it you would rather build them yourself.

CTR2 has evolved into a rather large project. A fully built-out system contains 24 individual boards (not including the Teensy and ESP boards). While this sounds terribly complex, the design of the system allows you to start with a very basic system and expand it as your needs change. Most hams will find a small system capable of controlling up to four radios and a couple of antennas to be more than sufficient for their needs.

I’ve listed the boards you might need below. The first cost column is the cost of the individual boards. All boards come with brass standoffs and Dupont jumpers as needed. The second cost column is the estimated cost to complete the board (including the board cost and all builder supplied components as listed on the BOM), based on component costs as of July 2021. A $4.00 shipping charge will be added to each order. At the current time I’m only shipping to North America. International shipping will be added in the future.

For now, I’ve only listed the boards described in the Sept/Oct 2021 QEX article. I’ll add the optional automation boards once they have been published in the Nov/Dec 2021 issue of QEX (late October).

HMI – board is fully assembled and tested. To complete the
HMI board you must purchase a Teensy 4.1, Teensy Audio
Adapter Rev D, and ESP-8266. Total Estimated Cost includes
the cost of these boards.
DISPLAY DRIVER – interface board is fully assembled and tested.
To complete the display you must purchase either a Nextion
3.5″ or 5″ Enhanced display, a rotary encoder, and a 1/4″ knob.
Total estimated cost shown includes all parts and the acrylic
wedge enclosure kit.
$9.00$59.00 (3.5″)
$104.00 (5″)
AUXILIARY w/Option 1 – board is fully assembled and tested.
This board includes the Radio I/O circuit to interface to a
single radio. This option does not required additional
Radio I/O modules.
$30.00No additional costs
AUXILIARY w/Option 2 – board is fully assembled and tested.
This option requires a manual RJ45 switch to select two or more
radios and one Radio I/O module for each radio you want to
$8.00 No additional costs
RADIO I/O – to completed the Radio I/O module the builder
must purchase the additional components listed in the BOM.
I can supply PacTec enclosures with CNC cut end caps. One
Radio I/O module is required per radio.
$3.50$31.70 w/enclosure
$26.00 w/o enclosure

Here’s a couple of basic board packages to give you an idea of what to order. You’ll need to order the additional components required to complete each board separately. Links to Mouser are provided in the BOMs for the user supplied components. You can always post questions below if you’re not sure of what you need.

Total Estimated
Package Cost
(w/ 3.5″ disp)
Basic #1This package gives you the basic PCBs to get started
using CTR2 with one radio. Includes Option 1 of the
Auxiliary board. You get all the CTR2 benefits like
DSP Tx and Rx audio processing, keyers, decoders,
and USB audio and serial support.
HMI $105.00
3.5″ Display $59.00
Auxiliary Opt #1 $30.00
Basic #2Start building your multi-radio CTR2 system with
these boards and provide all of your radios with
advanced DSP and USB audio support. Includes
Option 2 of the Auxiliary board. You must supply
a manual RJ45 switch to select radios. Order one
Radio I/O PCB for each radio.
HMI $105.00
3.5″ Display $59.00
Auxiliary Opt #2 $8.00
Radio I/O (each) $3.50
(plus $31.70
for each
Radio I/O
and $20 for
RJ45 switch)

To order boards and enclosures, first determine the boards you need by reviewing the charts on this page then visit the Ordering Enclosures post to view the available enclosure options. Once you have your list, go to the Order Form.

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