I can supply CNC cut acrylic display enclosures like the one shown above. The enclosure comes to you straight from the CNC mill so you’ll need some sand paper and a small file to prepare it. A few drops of CA clue (i.e. Super Glue) completes the assembly. I can engrave you call sign for a $5.00 setup fee.

The enclosure kit comes with mounting hardware for the display and four silicone rubber feet. The 3.5″ enclosure is $10.00 and the 5″ enclosure is $15.00.

You can mask off the exterior faces and spray paint the interior to make it any color you want to match your station. The acrylic provides a scratch-free surface and keeps your display looking good for years. I did this one using black spray paint.

Paint the inside of the enclosure your choice of color!


Because of the wide variety of ways the HMI and switch boards can be stacked, I’m not providing complete enclosure kits for this unit. I do offer the top and bottom plates cut from acrylic as shown in the next photo. The plates provide protection for the top and bottom circuit boards in case something drops on the stack, or the stack gets set on something conductive. The plate kit comes with four M3 25mm+6mm standoffs and four rubber feet for $5.00. The other mounting hardware shown in the photo comes with each board.


The Radio I/O PCB is designed to fit snugly in a PacTec 115129-501-000 CN-XRL enclosure with end caps as shown below. This gives the radio interface a nice finished look.

Radio I/O PCB in a PacTec CN-XRL enclosure with the top cover removed

You can order the enclosure case from Mouser but they don’t stock the end caps (I know, that makes NO sense). You can also order the enclosure and the end caps directly from PacTec. They ship fast but shipping on small quantities can be expensive. It’s also somewhat difficult to get clean cutouts for the RJ45 and 12-pin terminal connectors without a CNC mill.

I can supply these enclosures complete with CNC cut end caps as shown for $7.00 each.

Of course you can use any enclosure that fits the board or design and build your own 3D printed case.

To order PCBs and enclosures, first determine the enclosure you need on this page then visit the Order: Available Boards post to determine which boards you need. Once you have your list, go to the Order Form.

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