One of the challenges of having an article published in a conventional magazine like QEX is the lead time required between article submittal to actual publication. I submitted the first article on CTR2 to ARRL back in October 2020. Over the next few months CTR2 underwent substantial changes in the hardware, the firmware, and the content of the article. The article was updated several times to cover those changes and the final version was approved in January. Needless to say, more changes have occurred since the article was ‘locked down’.

The ARRL is kind enough to host the various files associated with this project on their web site, Those files were current on the date the article was published but will not be updated as changes are made in the CTR2 ecosystem

I will always maintain the latest files on this site. Visit the Download section to get them.

November 7, 2021 Update

I just updated the firmware files for the HMI, Nextion displays, and the Node-RED user interface. These files can be found here and here.

My article covering the automation options available for CTR2 originally scheduled for the November/December 2021 issue of QEX has been delayed with no firm commitment on when it will be published. With this in mind, I’ve decided to release new content covering RJ45 Switch, Radio Antenna Switch Controller (RASC), and Antenna Switch Controller (ASC) here. Complete schematics and bill-of-material lists have been added to the existing files in the Download category and these items have been added to the order form. You can now build a complete CTR2 station HMI!

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