I’ve posted a new video on YouTube detailing the Mini’s User Interface. It starts by going over the basic user controls and I/O connections, introduces the menu system, then goes over each menu option in detail. You can view other videos on CTR2-Mini on my YouTube channel, https://youtube.com/lynovation

It’s a rather long video at 25 minutes so I’ve listed the timeline below so you can quickly skip to the content you want to view.

0:45 – Mini’s buttons and controls

2:10 – Mini’s back panel connections

2:42 – Home page

3:45 – Main Menu

4:25 – Frequency Menu

7:27 – Band and Mode Menus

8:14 – VFO Menu

10:50 – Tx Message Menus

13:00 – Keyer Menu

15:17 – WiFi Menu

16:05 – Radio Port Menu

17:35 – Configuration Menu

20:48 – FlexRadio Menu

23:05 – Icom PCR-1000 Menu

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