CTR2 is an acronym for Control the Radio 2, a unique station control system I’ve been working on. The ARRL has agreed to publish two articles on it in QEX magazine so I can’t say a lot about it right now. The first article will be in the September/October 2021 issue and the second is scheduled for the November/December 2021 issue. I have many entries ready to post once the first article is published. They will provide an in-depth look at the CTR2 feature set, user interface, hardware, schematics, BOM, firmware, and construction of the various modules presented in the first article. Once the second article is published I’ll post additional entries to fully document the system.

The firmware will be open source and I’ll have PCBs and enclosures available if you want to build one. PCBs will have all SMT devices pre-mounted so SMT soldering skills will not be required. However, you should be comfortable soldering .1″ pin headers and small connectors like RJ45 jacks.

For now I can only give you a look at the Home page on the remote display of the HMI. The HMI is a standalone micro-controller based system that uses a small color touch screen with a browser like UI and doesn’t require a PC to operate (although one must be used for digital modes). It’s small size allows the user interface to easily fit anywhere on your operating desk.

I expect the Sept/Oct issue will be out sometime around the end of August.

Feel free to leave a comment here if this project is of interest to you.

73s, Lynn, KU7Q

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