CTR2-Mini provides the hardware to convert the Seeed Studio Wio Terminal into a complete, easy to use, radio control system. The lead photo shows a completed CTR2-Mini. The user must provide a Wio Terminal, a micro-SD memory card (up to 32 GB), and a CAT5 cable to complete the CTR2-Mini system. Very little data is stored on the memory card so a large, high-speed, or premium memory card is not required. Anything you have laying around will work. The Wio Terminal and other supplies can be ordered directly from Seeed Studios, Amazon, Mouser, Digikey, and other resellers.


Use the order form below to submit an order. If the options on the order form don’t match your needs, describe what you’re looking for in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION field and submit the order form. I’ll get back with you with a quote.

Make sure your email address is correct. You will receive a copy of your order email and I will email you to confirm receipt of your order.

I am only shipping completed units to the United States and Canada at this time. Bare board and component kits can be shipped outside the US but I’ve found shipping costs are extremely high.

Enter the quantity of each item you want to order in the fields below.

NOTE: If you have a Flex radio and don’t need the Radio I/O module, select the option on the order form to delete it. Flex users can set the Mini up to control PTT and KEY over WiFi without any physical connection to their radio.

I will respond to your order email with a quote for the total cost including shipping. Shipping costs vary depending on your location and the items ordered and may go up to $20. Once I receive your order I’ll give you a shipping estimate in the order queue. I will fill orders on a first come, first served basis. Parts availability may cause unexpected delays. I’ll keep you informed of your order’s progress.

I have all the parts and board for the first run and can ship kits immediately. Assembled unit will take a day or two to build.

No payment is required until I have your items ready to ship. At that time I’ll email you an invoice for payment. Once payment has been received (and cleared if paying by personal check) I’ll mail your order via USPS and email you a tracking number.

I accept PayPal or personal checks drawn on a US bank. Please specify which your prefer on the order form. PayPal fees will be added to the quote if you specified this payment method. PayPal fees are typically around 3%.

Once you submit your order, do not refresh this page in your browser. Doing so will send another order!

NOTE: To make sure my emails don’t get sent to your spam/junk folder, add my email address to your email white list.

Once you click on Submit the form will clear. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the status of your order submittal.

You may cancel your order at any time prior to the ship date. Just send me an email to cancel.

    5 thoughts on “CTR2-Mini Order Form”
    1. I have been following your CTR2-MINI info for the Flex Radio’s, I am very interested in maybe 2 of a complete kit’s for the FLEX 6000 series radios, I have a 6700 and a 6600M.
      let me know when you think you may have kits available, I guess the WIO Terminal is not included and I will have to find them elsewhere.
      73’s and thanks a lot

      1. Brett,

        Thanks for your interest. Yes, you will need to purchase the Wio Terminal. Amazon has them from the Seeed Store. They’re about $43 with the “free shipping”.

        I’ll be ordering boards for everything in the next few days so it will be about 2 weeks before I’m ready to ship. I learned my lesson with CTR2… NEVER overestimate the demand 🙂

        Also, if you just want to use CTR2-Mini with your Flex radios, and don’t need the Radio I/O board for CAT, Key, or PTT, you might want to look at a new option I just posted on the CTR2-Mini Kits page. It’s a Flex-Only option that just includes the acrylic base, encoder, encoder PCB, Hammond box for the encoder, a knob, and the rubber feet. Obviously it doesn’t support the Radio I/O, it’s a lot cheaper if you just want a smart tuning knob for your Flex.

        73, Lynn, KU7Q

      1. Brad,

        Sorry, my order form was confusing. I reworked it to make it (hopefully) more understandable.

        The Flex-only version of CTR2-Mini does away with the interface hardware to generate serial CAT, Key, PTT, and sidetone outputs (i.e. the main and radio I/O boards). It basically allows you to attach a rotary encoder to your Wio Terminal to control the Flex over WiFi. This gives you frequency and mode control (and favorite frequency lists) and the ability to connect to an existing slice or create a new slice (and panadapter) if needed.

        There are several options:
        CTR2-Mini-FLEX-PCB provides just the two PCBs required to connect your encoder to your Wio’s GPIO bus.
        CTR2-Mini-FLEX-KIT provides the PCB kit above along with the encoder and wiring to connect the two boards.
        CTR2-Mini-FLEX-R is a complete kit of parts to build the unit. It includes the CTR2-Mini-KIT above along with a unassembled right-hand acrylic stand, a Hammond box for the encoder, an encoder knob, and rubber feet for the stand.
        CTR2-Mini-FLEX-L is the same as CTR2-Mini-FLEX-R except in a left-hand version.
        CTR2-Mini-FLEX-ASSM-R is a fully assembled right-hand Flex-only CTR2-Mini
        CTR2-Mini-FLEX-ASSM-L is a fully assembled left-hand Flex-only CTR2-Mini

        In all cases, you’ll need to supply the Wio Terminal and a micro-SD memory card to complete the unit.

        The first run of the new boards are in production now. I expect them to show up sometime next week.

        Let me know if you have any other questions.
        73, Lynn, KU7Q

    2. Thanks Lynn I could have been 1/2 asleep also when reading.. I have put in a order for 2 complete units 1 for left and 1 for right

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