While CTR2-Mini is fairly simple on the outside, there are a lot of features buried in the menus. I’ve tried to make the menus intuitive and easy to use but I’m not always as successful at that as I would like. I’ll post common question and answers about CTR2-Mini here.

When I try to connect to a rigctld IP address the Mini just locks up with ‘Connect: {rigctld ip address}’ shown at the bottom in red.

The rpcWiFi library I use to enable WiFi and Bluetooth features doesn’t seem to handle incorrect IP addresses very well. If you set the rigctld IP address and the Mini can’t connect to that address it just locks up. You’ll need to make sure the radio you’re trying to connect to is turned on and that you are trying to connect to the correct IP address. The IP Port is set in the firmware to 4532, the default rigctld IP Port.