CTR2 projects are constantly evolving. New features are being added and old features refined to make them easier to use. Users are intimately involved in the CTR2 evolution process and they’re helping to make good products great products!

Click one of the links below to download the latest software or manual. You can also visit the Download section for these links.


Download the CTR2-Micro firmware here v1.06.01 includes improved Help displays and fixes a few issues with CTR2-Voice

Download the CTR2-Micro Operation Manual here Updated for v1.06.01

Download the CTR2-Micro Assembly Manual here Updated to v1.6


Download the CTR2-MIDI firmware here – v1.01.00 – Major update to add USB MIDI, speed sensitive tuning, and audible detents to the SliderB MIDI control.

Download the CTR2-MIDI Operation Manual herev1.01.00c


Download the CTR2-Voice firmware here – v1.01.02 – minor bug fixes to Access Point mode

Download the CTR2-Voice Operation Manual here – v1.01.02


Download the CTR2-Display firmware here – v1.00.00 – initial release


Download the CTR2-Mini firmware here

Download the CTR2-Mini Operation Manual here

Each firmware download page tracks the changes for each update. If you have problems with the current version contact me so I can fix the bug.

73, Lynn, KU7Q