This site documents my Control the Radio 2 (CTR2 for short) and CTR2-Mini station control systems.

Due to part availability issues I have discontinued the CTR2 station controller and I am focusing on CTR2-Mini. I will continue to support CTR2, I’m just not actively selling them anymore. If your interested in one, contact me.

I chose the blog format because of the dialog features it provides. My hope it that users will use this feature to ask questions and support other users that may need help.

I will always post the latest firmware files in the Download section for each system. You should always check there for updates, especially if you’re having a problem with the system.

Being a blog, each post is automatically listed chronologically. To help users navigate this site I’ve categorized each entry and set their publish dates so they appear in some sort of logical order with the other posts in that category.

To quickly locate a topic, use the menu at the top of the page to select a category. This will display only posts assigned to that category. You can also search for specific entries using the Search tool.

The following is a description of each menu item.


This is the home page of this blog. All blog posts are listed here in chronological order with the newest posts on top.


When I create a new post I’ll select the main category for it and also assign it to the New category. This will cause the new post to display at the top of the pile in the blog’s Home page. I’ll leave the post assigned to the New category for 30 days. After 30 days I’ll remove the New category assignment and change the publish date so that the new post falls off the top of the heap and settles into it’s main category in some logical order.


This category contains high level information about the CTR2 or CTR2-Mini system.


Posts in this category describe the operation of CTR2 or CTR2-Mini and its user interface.


The function of each board is discussed in this section. Each discussion includes a circuit function description along with the schematic for the board.


All source code files, schematics, bill-of-material files, initial SD data files, and CNC files are located here.


This category provides information about what is available, how much things cost, and how to order. There’s an order form so you can easily submit an order request. An order request get you “in the queue”. I will contact you via email to let you know the shipping schedule and total cost of your order. Once we agree on the details I’ll place you in the queue. Payment is not required until your order is ready to ship.


I will post general information (FAQs) and helpful hints here. There’s also a contact form if you want to email me a question or comment.