CTR2-Display is a firmware solution that runs on a Seeed Studio Wio Terminal and provides a simple display for CTR2-Micro. CTR2-Display eliminates the need to run a terminal program or web browser to operate your Micro. It links to the Micro using WiFi so you can just place it on a cell phone holder, plug in a USB power cable, then place it in a convenient location in your shack. Information about your Micro and radio’s parameters will be displayed on an easy to read, clutter free display.

No additional hardware is required. Just download the CTR2-Display firmware, copy the CURRENT.UF2 file from the zip file to your Wio Terminal and configure it’s WiFi credentials using a terminal program such as Tera Term or Putty. Once it’s connected to your network just select the Display report type in the Micro’s Configuration -> Report menu, enter the Wio’s IP address, and you have a remote display for you Micro!

The Wio Terminal displays the same information that’s sent to CTR2-Voice. Because it links to the Micro using UDP packets it can be used in conjunction with CTR2-Voice. You can even have multiple Micros linked to the display at the same time.

CTR2-Display makes a great companion when you want to run the Micro in standalone mode without a computer interface.

Best of all, the firmware is free! Just purchase a Wio Terminal and you have the hardware you need.

You can download the latest firmware here.

73, Lynn, KU7Q