CTR2-Mini is evolving into a full featured ecosystem. The CTR2-Mini+ provides the hardware to convert the Seeed Studio Wio Terminal into a complete, easy to use radio controller system. New products add even more functionality to your CTR2-Mini+.


The following is a summary of the items available for purchase. Several items have been discontinued due to lack of interest. Use the order from at the bottom of this page to submit an order. If you have any questions, contact me.

NOTE: The cables you receive may look different than those shown in the photos below due to the availability of raw stock but they will function as required.




Fully assembled and tested CTR2-Mini+
radio controller. Includes a programmed
Wio Terminal with the eRPC firmware
update and a micro-SD memory card.
Order radio interface cables separately.

Fully assembled and tested CTR2-Mini
I/O Multiplexer with four Radio I/O ports.
Contact me for 2 and 3 port pricing.

Fully assembled and tested CTR2-Mini
Audio Controller allows you to share
two microphones, headphones, and PC
sound card with all of your radios.
Requires a CTR2-Mini Audio I/O
module on each radio.

Fully assembled and tested CTR2-Mini
Audio I/O module. Required for each
radio when using the CTR2-Mini Audio
Controller. Replaces the CTR2-Mini
Radio I/O module.

Fully assembled and tested CTR2-Mini
Radio I/O module.
NOTE: New modules use jumpers
instead of the DIP switch shown.




6 foot cable connects the Mini to the the
Yaesu FT817, FT857, or FT897 CAT port
using an 8-pin Mini-DIN connector. Built
with a stereo 3.5mm male on one end and
a 8-pin Mini-DIN on the other.

6 foot cable with a 3.5mm (1/8″) stereo plug
that splits the Mini’s PTT/Key Outputs to
separate 3.5mm plugs. A 3.5mm jack is
provided for PTT that must be wired to your
radio’s auxiliary connector.

6 foot cable with a 3.5mm stereo plug that
splits the PTT/Key Output on the Mini to an
8-pin Mini-DIN plug for PTT and a 3.5mm
stereo plug that connects to the Key input
on the radio. This cable fits the Xiegu G90 or

6′ splitter cable with a 3.5mm stereo male
that connects the PTT/Key jack on the Mini
to an RCA connector that plugs into PTT
on the Flex and a 3.5mm stereo plug to
connect to the Key input on the radio.

This is a 6 foot cable for radios with an RS232
DB9-Male CAT port such as the Yaesu
FTdx101. It includes a 3.5mm male plug that
connects the CAT I/O port on the Mini to the
DB9-Male on the radio. It includes a female/
female null modem adapter to roll the TD
and RD pins.

6 foot cable for the Icom PCR1000 receiver
and other radios that use a DB9-female
RS232 CAT connector. It includes a 3.5mm
male plug that connects the CAT I/O port on
the Mini to the DB9-Female on the radio. It
includes a male/female null modem adapter
to roll the TD and RD pins.

6 foot cable with a 3.5mm (1/8″) stereo
plug on each end. Used to connect the
Mini’s CAT or Key/PTT Out to various


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Please note the following:

The CTR2-Mini+ does not come with an external Radio I/O module. You can control one radio using the internal radio I/O circuit in this unit. If you want to control multiple radios using a manual RJ45 switch as shown in this post, order one Radio I/O module for each radio and remove the jumpers on the internal radio I/O circuit in the Mini+.